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Why We Love Spring At Our Gym

Another winter has come and gone. We’re grateful for the fact that spring is now in the full swing of things, and though it’s still cold and wet in many parts of the country, the spring rains give way to a beautiful, blooming landscape. That’s something worth celebrating along with the fact that winter’s icy grip is now dead and gone (hopefully, at least).

With summer on the horizon, you might be thinking about the prime of swimsuit season. Though we’re well into the spring season, don’t fret, because there’s certainly more time to shape up and get fit at Pike Fitness through one of our five structured classes.

Making Next Season Your Best Ever

You might also be a high school or middle school athlete who’s now winding down for the end of the school year or even graduation. After another semester of hard work, we encourage you to enjoy this break between now and the start of the fall sports season. But if you’re really serious about maintaining your fitness and avoiding the dreaded “summer slump,” our strength and development summer camps may be of interest to you!

At Pike Fitness, our goal isn’t just to help community members get in shape, but also to help support the athletic endeavors of young athletes in the Chadds Ford area. Learn more about our explosive summer camps sessions by visiting the link above.

Here are a few great reasons why our Chadds Ford  gym loves the brilliant transition between winter and summer.

It’s The Perfect Temperature

For many parts of the country, winter is bitterly cold. Conversely, summer can be frustratingly hot, so it’s important to cherish the time in between the two seasonal extremes. Spring might bring us wet, rainy days, but it’s easier to deal with than snow, and it’s definitely more comfortable to put on a rain jacket rather than sweat outside wearing next-to-nothing.

There’s Plenty Of Light Outside

After the dark days of winter, spring brings us Daylight Savings Time once again. Now, you can take an early morning class at Pike Fitness and it won’t be completely pitch dark outside. Plus, it’s easier to get out of bed and start the day when you have more daylight to work with.

The Natural Smells Are Wonderful

As much as we encourage our gym members to come inside for a workout, personal training session, or class, the truth is that a sunny spring day after a few days of rain is pretty much unbeatable. Not only is the scenery vibrant and lush, but the blooming trees and flowers offer some of the best smells that you’ll ever come across.

Ready To Rock The Summer? Join Our Chadds Ford Gym Today!

Whether you’re looking to maintain your fitness as a young athlete or get back into shape and shave off a few pounds in preparation of the swimsuit season, there’s something for everyone at The Pike. To learn more about the signature fitness classes we offer in Chadds Ford and the surrounding area, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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