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Get In Shape Through Our Upcoming Summer Camp Program!

Summer is a fun and exciting part of the year. Every season has its advantages and disadvantages, but summer is the best time of year to get outside, dress comfortably, and enjoy those long, picturesque days filled with sunshine and good vibes. After a long winter and wet spring, however, it’s not always easy to transition into the warmest time of the year…that is, unless you’re taking the steps necessary to get back into shape.

The Challenge Of Staying In Shape During The Summer (As A Student Athlete)

If you’re a student athlete, you might be able to stay in good shape throughout the school year…until summer arrives. This, of course, presents the prime opportunity to enjoy having no classes, stressors, or obligations that usually wear you down over the course of the semester. Unfortunately, in turn, taking several months off of school or exercise tends to undo any fitness progress that you’ve made in the past.

Introducing: The Pike Fitness Summer Camp Program!

This is where the Pike Fitness Summer Camp Program comes into the picture. With a total of six summer camp sessions strategically spaced out over the summer, students in the greater Chadds Ford area will have a great chance to get back into the athletic swing of things before the fall semester begins!

Our upcoming strength and development camps are specifically designed for those ages 12-18, and consist of 2-hour daily sessions intended to address the following areas of fitness:

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Strength

At Pike Fitness, we strongly believe that these athletic qualities are important to your success as an athlete. Brushing up these areas of your athletic fitness is essential to your performance going into the fall semester, and our early summer sessions are also useful because they’ll help you maintain your motivation throughout the rest of the summer months.

Our Camp Focus

Here’s a brief overview of the four areas of fitness that we’ll be addressing in our exciting and engaging summer camp sessions:


Expect explosive drills, power cleans, and high reps accompanied by slow but eccentric movements designed to strengthen your fast twitch muscles.


5×5 strength sets, core movements, squats, and presses are encouraged to build strong, lean muscle mass.


Changes in speed, direction, and height will help you adapt on-the-fly and move from one area to another smoothly and seamlessly.


By decreasing your rest time and increasing your level of resistance training, your slow twitch muscles will be conditioned to build a strong “engine” that keeps you going when the going gets tough.

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As a high school or middle school student, summer is an easy time of year to slack off and hang out. Our strength and development summer camps will help you hold yourself accountable to your fitness goals, all while preparing you to enter the next sports season feeling healthy, strong, and fit. Why make next season harder on yourself? Lock in your summer fitness motivation by signing up for a slot!

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