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Cross Fit

Looking for the ultimate CrossFit experience right off of the 202? You’ve found your match!

CrossFit is a popular style of fitness class, and though our facility features new, cutting-edge equipment, we’re not new to this trend! Pike Fitness is proud to specialize in CrossFit classes at our community gym in Chadds Ford, PA. With the intention of building a stronger, better you through the help of our knowledgeable and experienced instructors, our CrossFit classes in Chadds Ford offer unbeatable value.

Wondering what makes Pike Fitness different than the competition when it comes to CrossFit? Keep reading below to learn why we’re the #1 choice for CrossFit glass goers in the area!

CrossFit At Pike Fitness

A Clean Facility And Spotless Bathrooms

You can work with the best CrossFit instructors in the world, but if the facility you’re working out in is less-than-clean, then you might be distracted or just plain grossed out. At Pike Fitness, we take pride in our facility including our gym equipment, bathrooms, and other facilities that our members have access to.

When it comes to working out and taking a CrossFit class, the only thing that should feel gross is you — no offense, of course, but you’ll be sweating and working hard! That’s how a CrossFit class is supposed to be.

All New, State-Of-The-Art Equipment

At Pike Fitness, you won’t find any outdated, sketchy, or flat-out obsolete gym equipment. Every single piece of equipment we have was purchased brand new. Our equipment is well-maintained, and was purchased with the best CrossFit experience in mind to help enable you to reach your fitness goals.

While your willingness to commit to our CrossFit classes and the instructors you work with are essential to your success, we strongly believe that the right equipment can also make all of the difference!

Convenient Morning And Evening Class Schedules

We get it — a lot of you work a traditional 9-5 job, and you can’t make it in for a CrossFit class during business hours. That’s why our hours are super flexible, with an emphasis on early morning classes and evening classes. We’re confident that you’ll find a CrossFit class at Pike Fitness during a time that works perfectly with your schedule.

Building On Your Strength Through Varied, Functional Movements

In every CrossFit class that we teach at our Chadds Ford gym, we’re always incorporating strength and a complete workout. We do this through high-intensity movement that’s constantly varied, but functional at the same time. With a mix of body weight and strength training movements, we frequently utilize the principles of Olympic lifting and gymnastic movements for an unparalleled strength building experience.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

CrossFit classes are an intense experience, but our instructors always take great care to make sure that you’re doing CrossFit exercises correctly and safely.

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Whether you’re curious about how CrossFit works or you’re ready to rapidly increase your strength and overall physique, we’re ready to help you reach your CrossFit goals. Contact Pike Fitness, home of CrossFit 202,  today!

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