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Summer Challenge


Core Challenge

30 days of 10-15 Minutes of core challenges to improve strength, tone the body, and get you summer ready!

Accessory Work

5 Day a week full body accessory work before or after classes. You can also perform at home with only needing access to two dumbbells. The focus will be on chest, back, biceps, triceps, legs, and shoulders. For any level and any goal whether it be to bulk or tone!

Food Guide

Get your eating and diet in shape and ready for the summer! Whether it be taking out alcohol, including veggies, and or portion control our food guide will help you through and navigate to a weight you want to be at!

One on One Assesment

Meet with our own licensed and certified physical therapist Mark Worrilow. Mark will put you through a one on one evaluation to let our coaching staff know the level you are at and also any limitations you might have due to prior injuries.

Running Program

Improve your endurance, stamina, and overall running abilities. Our running program is filled with interval sessions, distance running, and in house rowing and biking. This is for any level runner, whether new or trained runners.


The Importance Of Community At Our Gym In Chadds Ford

When you step into Pike Fitness,  you’ll notice a number of exciting things going on: heart-pumping music, high-quality rowers, weights, and other gym equipment, and a sense of energy buzzing throughout the air. It’s nearly impossible not to pick up on this exciting and invigorating vibe that we’ve worked hard to curate.

There’s one key aspect to our  gym and fitness center that’s more important than anything else, however: the people. Think about it — without people like you that visit our gym off the 202, we’d just have an empty building full of equipment and no energy. What good is that?

Community-Based Fitness Done Right At Our Gym

Community is a core value of how we do things here at Pike Fitness. It’s easy to lose motivation and fall shy of your fitness goals when you’re exercising alone, and that’s why we empower each other by holding one another accountable day in and day out. Working out at our community gym not only helps build your self-esteem, but also offers a sense of fulfillment because you’re helping build others’ self-esteem, too. Ultimately, we’re all helping to fuel each other’s dedication toward our personal fitness goals, and we couldn’t think of anything that makes us happier.

Benefits Of Working Out Together

Other People’s’ Progress Motivates You

It’s easy to get too deep in your own head and focus on the negative stuff when you’re not progressing as you should. By keeping the focus on the community as a whole no matter which of our five gym classes you’re taking, you’ll be inspired and celebrate the accomplishments of others.

You Have A Constant Support System

No one wants to wake up at four in the morning for a class, but meeting up with other people that you’ve bonded with will make you think twice before you hit that snooze button. No matter what your schedule looks like, you’ll always work out with other people in a similar situation.

You Have A Better Gauge Of Your Own Progress

It’s hard to notice results when you perceive your own self through the mirror, but day by day, week by week, other class-goers at our community gym in Chadds Ford will notice — and positively comment — on your changing body. Verbal encouragement is crucial to one another’s success at Pike Fitness!

Holding Our Community Accountable With The Unbroken Challenge

Members of Pike Fitness know very well that commitment to a healthy and fit lifestyle goes way beyond the gym itself. Nutrition, hydration, and post-exercise recovery build upon the hard work that our gym-goers put into their workouts, and that’s what the Unbroken Challenge series covers.

Follow our video series below as we touch on each week of the Unbroken Challenge, identify and overcome any struggles, and celebrate weekly wins. 

Be A Part Of Something Special — Join Our Community Gym In Chadds Ford Today!

If you’re new to our community, our founders, Clair and Kirsten, along with the rest of the community at Pike Fitness, would like to welcome you with open arms.

Whether you’re looking for a place to workout right off of the 202 or you’d like to build lasting relationships with similar-minded people, we’d love to see you soon. Sign up today or get in touch with the team at Pike Fitness with any questions!

Why We Love Spring At Our Gym

Another winter has come and gone. We’re grateful for the fact that spring is now in the full swing of things, and though it’s still cold and wet in many parts of the country, the spring rains give way to a beautiful, blooming landscape. That’s something worth celebrating along with the fact that winter’s icy grip is now dead and gone (hopefully, at least).

With summer on the horizon, you might be thinking about the prime of swimsuit season. Though we’re well into the spring season, don’t fret, because there’s certainly more time to shape up and get fit at Pike Fitness through one of our five structured classes.

Making Next Season Your Best Ever

You might also be a high school or middle school athlete who’s now winding down for the end of the school year or even graduation. After another semester of hard work, we encourage you to enjoy this break between now and the start of the fall sports season. But if you’re really serious about maintaining your fitness and avoiding the dreaded “summer slump,” our strength and development summer camps may be of interest to you!

At Pike Fitness, our goal isn’t just to help community members get in shape, but also to help support the athletic endeavors of young athletes in the Chadds Ford area. Learn more about our explosive summer camps sessions by visiting the link above.

Here are a few great reasons why our Chadds Ford  gym loves the brilliant transition between winter and summer.

It’s The Perfect Temperature

For many parts of the country, winter is bitterly cold. Conversely, summer can be frustratingly hot, so it’s important to cherish the time in between the two seasonal extremes. Spring might bring us wet, rainy days, but it’s easier to deal with than snow, and it’s definitely more comfortable to put on a rain jacket rather than sweat outside wearing next-to-nothing.

There’s Plenty Of Light Outside

After the dark days of winter, spring brings us Daylight Savings Time once again. Now, you can take an early morning class at Pike Fitness and it won’t be completely pitch dark outside. Plus, it’s easier to get out of bed and start the day when you have more daylight to work with.

The Natural Smells Are Wonderful

As much as we encourage our gym members to come inside for a workout, personal training session, or class, the truth is that a sunny spring day after a few days of rain is pretty much unbeatable. Not only is the scenery vibrant and lush, but the blooming trees and flowers offer some of the best smells that you’ll ever come across.

Ready To Rock The Summer? Join Our Chadds Ford Gym Today!

Whether you’re looking to maintain your fitness as a young athlete or get back into shape and shave off a few pounds in preparation of the swimsuit season, there’s something for everyone at The Pike. To learn more about the signature fitness classes we offer in Chadds Ford and the surrounding area, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Get In Shape Through Our Upcoming Summer Camp Program!

Summer is a fun and exciting part of the year. Every season has its advantages and disadvantages, but summer is the best time of year to get outside, dress comfortably, and enjoy those long, picturesque days filled with sunshine and good vibes. After a long winter and wet spring, however, it’s not always easy to transition into the warmest time of the year…that is, unless you’re taking the steps necessary to get back into shape.

The Challenge Of Staying In Shape During The Summer (As A Student Athlete)

If you’re a student athlete, you might be able to stay in good shape throughout the school year…until summer arrives. This, of course, presents the prime opportunity to enjoy having no classes, stressors, or obligations that usually wear you down over the course of the semester. Unfortunately, in turn, taking several months off of school or exercise tends to undo any fitness progress that you’ve made in the past.

Introducing: The Pike Fitness Summer Camp Program!

This is where the Pike Fitness Summer Camp Program comes into the picture. With a total of six summer camp sessions strategically spaced out over the summer, students in the greater Chadds Ford area will have a great chance to get back into the athletic swing of things before the fall semester begins!

Our upcoming strength and development camps are specifically designed for those ages 12-18, and consist of 2-hour daily sessions intended to address the following areas of fitness:

  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Strength

At Pike Fitness, we strongly believe that these athletic qualities are important to your success as an athlete. Brushing up these areas of your athletic fitness is essential to your performance going into the fall semester, and our early summer sessions are also useful because they’ll help you maintain your motivation throughout the rest of the summer months.

Our Camp Focus

Here’s a brief overview of the four areas of fitness that we’ll be addressing in our exciting and engaging summer camp sessions:


Expect explosive drills, power cleans, and high reps accompanied by slow but eccentric movements designed to strengthen your fast twitch muscles.


5×5 strength sets, core movements, squats, and presses are encouraged to build strong, lean muscle mass.


Changes in speed, direction, and height will help you adapt on-the-fly and move from one area to another smoothly and seamlessly.


By decreasing your rest time and increasing your level of resistance training, your slow twitch muscles will be conditioned to build a strong “engine” that keeps you going when the going gets tough.

Make Next Season Your Best One Yet — Sign Up Today!

As a high school or middle school student, summer is an easy time of year to slack off and hang out. Our strength and development summer camps will help you hold yourself accountable to your fitness goals, all while preparing you to enter the next sports season feeling healthy, strong, and fit. Why make next season harder on yourself? Lock in your summer fitness motivation by signing up for a slot!

Staying Active And In Shape When It’s Blistering Cold Outside

As most of the country knows all too well at this point, the midwest region of the United States has been experiencing record-shattering and bone-chilling temperatures due to wind chill. Places like Chicago have been colder than Antarctica, which is pretty remarkable (and totally absurd). Though we didn’t quite have it as bad as other parts of the country, the Chadds Ford area certainly wasn’t exempt from the chilly onslaught of the 2019 Polar Vortex.

Warmer Temperatures Are On Their Way For Our Gym In Chadds Ford

Fortunately, the weather forecast is on the up-and-up, and while we’re still thawing out over here, Pike Fitness is ready to see the sun and temperatures above freezing. We’re also fortunate to have an indoor fitness facility — we couldn’t imagine what it’s like to run or exercise outdoors. These people endured the pain, which is incredible and also outright insane!

So, though the weather is on an upward trend and our Chadds Ford CrossFit gym is indoors, the polar vortex got us thinking: How does one stay active during the brutality of the winter?

Here are a few handy ways to stay in shape and get moving during the darker and colder times of the year.

Partner Up To Hold Yourself Accountable

When you do things on your own, it’s easy to justify putting off working out by saying things like “It can wait” or “I had a really long day at work, maybe I should just relax and take it easy this evening.” Your fitness quest is by no means an easy journey, and a certain amount of discipline is required to meet your goals whether they’re to lift a certain amount of weight, run a fast mile, or even compete in a CrossFit competition.

Buddying up will help give you that extra push you need to gear up and get out the door when you don’t want to. Fortunately, at Pike Fitness, we’re a community gym that’s designed to hold each other accountable. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Go Outside During The Warmest Part Of The Day

The heat of the summer may lead you to run outside before the sun rises or after it sets, but winter is very much the opposite. Whether you’re doing cardio intervals or calisthenics at the park, go when the sun is at its most intense. If the sun is covered by the clouds…well, our climate-controlled CrossFit gym near the 202 is always here for you!

Invest In Some Quality Gear

Warm and sweat-wicking cold weather active gear isn’t cheap, but it’s worth investing in if you like to get some fresh air as you exercise. That being said, a membership to Pike Fitness is significantly less expensive…

Connect With A Fitness Community Who’s Passionate — That’s Us!

No matter the time of year, we’re always fired up about working out. That’s just how we do things at our gym in Chadds Ford! For existing members, view our schedule here. If you’re not already a member, sign up today.

Happy 2019! It’s Time To Start The New Year Right With Our Community-Based Gym

Hello again, Pike Fitness blog readers! As the New Year brings a fresh start and the refreshing prospect of change, improvement, and a re-designed you, we’re incredibly excited to grow our gym and continue to enhance the lives of those around us. Our commitment is in our community, and our goal is to continually find better ways to serve gym goers like you in the same way that we’re working on our own fitness.

Recovering And Bouncing Back From The Holidays

As you very well know, the holiday season is notorious for weight gain, alcohol consumption, and a distinct lack of motivation to go and hit the gym. If you’re feeling discouraged after imbibing in some not-so-healthy habits in December, it’s important to know that you shouldn’t feel guilty. Instead, use your holiday health slump as motivation to bounce back and crush the fitness game in 2019!

Visiting Our Gym In Chadds Ford: Our Commitment To You

At Pike Fitness, we take serving our clients (or rather, community members) extremely seriously. That’s why we have state-of-the-art equipment, a central location right off of the 202, and knowledgeable and passionate staff of trainers who love what they do and have fun doing it. We’ve seen many positive transformations in our relatively short time as a CrossFit gym, and we couldn’t be more excited for what the future brings.


More Classes For Your Convenience

When it comes down to it, our busy schedules can prevent us from working out and making it to classes. We get that you’re busy, and that’s why Pike Fitness is striving for greater flexibility in our workout classes. We’re offering a noon class every Wednesday, starting on January 16th. This makes it easy for our community gym members living near the Wilmington West Chester Pike to drop by for a quick lunch workout, all while developing rich relationships with other members. It’s a true win/win!

Stay Up To Date With What’s Going On At The Pike

We’re always moving, always shaking, and constantly mixing up what people perceive in gyms. So come join us! Stay tuned to our blog, check our Facebook for frequent posts, follow us on Instagram, or feel free to contact us directly with any questions about our gym in Chadds Ford. We can’t wait to see you!

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